420W-435W Full Black Monocrystalline Solar Panel

          Higher module wattage        

test(图1)   · 166 mm wafer + 144 cell + PERC technology 

   ·  Module front side power up to 435W , 19.69% more energy yield in the lifetime


          Lower BOS cost and LCOE

  ·  LCOE reduction because of higher energy yield and lower system costtest(图2)

  ·  Compatible with mainstream trackers


           Enhanced reliability
test(图3)  ·  lower degradation LID / LeTID mitigation

  ·  Excellent hot spot temperature and Better shading tolerance

Product Specifications


Cell Type166*83mm
Cell Orientation144(6*24)
Maximum Power(Pmax)420W-435W
Module Efficiency STC(%)19.01% -19.69%
Junction BoxIP68 Rated
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