460-480watt N-type Bifacial Dual-Glass Solar Module

           Higher module wattage        

test(图1)   ·  166 mm wafer + 144 cell + N-type HTJ technology

   ·  As a "higher yield module" it's ideal for usage in commercial plants, and large-scale plants.


           Lower BOS cost and LCOE

  ·  Module power increases 5-25% generally, bringing significantly lower LCOE and higher IRR.test(图2)

  ·  Best N-type cell technology ensure high production abilities and low degradation.


            Enhanced reliability

test(图3)  ·  Excellent power generation performance in low light irradiance and harsh environment (during the morning, night and cloudy days) production plus lowest degradation after 30 years.

  ·  The N-type module with Hot 2.0 technology has better reliability and lower LID/LETID.

Product Specifications


Cell Type(166*83) mm N-HJT
Cell Orientation144 (6×24)
Maximum Power(Pmax)460W-480W
Module Efficiency STC(%)21.20% -22.10%
Junction BoxIP68 Rated
Weight27.5 kg

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