Smarter Manufacturing,Smarter Choice

East Lux aimed to be a leader in the solar industry not only in leading-edge product performance, but also in manufacturing equipment, quality control, and customer service. We dedicate to meet all of clients' expectations by utilizing fully automated manufacturing facilities, advanced quality control system, and independently-developed fully transparent quality management system.

Highly automated production lines enable East Lux to supply modules with high quality, fast delivery and best LCOE

Solar Cell Slicing Equipment

This wire saw was designed for slicing semiconductor wafers and solar cell wafers as well as wafers of small diameter.

Compatible Size:182mm& 210mm Speed: 2600pcs/h

Extraordinary laser cutting machine with full correspondence from thin plate to thick plate

Perfect and sufficient processing conditions

Easy to use because of a compact design is well accepted and appreciated to be a best-selling machine.

High Speed Multi Busbar Cell Soldering Stringer

High throughput: 0.85 seconds cycle time

Low breakage rate< 0.1 – 0.2 %


Cost-effective and economical production

High production capacity on a small footprint

High-quality test equipment

Such equipment is used for testing standard crystalline silicon-based modules, as well as new technologies like heterojunction

which can be measured within 10 ms flash duration thanks to our innovati

The accuracy of the power measurement is determined by the quality and reliability of the module tester.

Therefore, manufacturers who want to improve their return on investment rely on Meyer Burger's

Fully Automated production Iines Enable Fast Delivery And Cost Savings

East Lux ever-improving highly automated production lines enable us to supply modules with high quality, fast delivery and low cost.

  • 15%

    Lower production

  • 15%

    Higher equipment

  • 24*7

    Real-time online

  • 100+

    Patents on products and production process optimization

  • 99.9%

    Good product
    yield rate

  • 35%

    Higher production

REAL-TIME Monitored And Recored

East Lux adopts strict manufacturing management and end-to-end quality control. With the help of the internally developed ERP system, we can track every

The production steps of each module component from quality control of incoming materials to online production, OBA testing and delivery status.

The ERP system implements a unique barcode for each component of the module. Information such as raw material suppliers, production workers,

quality testing results, and production details are all accessible online through our ERP system. This data will be kept on our server for client's

access. Our product monitoring system allows us to track and take responsibility for product quality. It also enables customers to log in via

Internet search real-time module production data. In the long run, this allows us to trace the product records in the database, thus providing

us the ability to further improve product quality.

Benefits of Smart Manufacturing

  • Simplify production process, improve production efficiency

  • Enhance product quality while dramatically reduce cost

  • Improve utilization rate of corporate resources and assets

  • Guarantee customer trust with transparent and traceable production process.

Added Value For Customer

  • Customers can access real-time production data including BOM detail, EL report, Power, etc.

  • Real-time updates of the production status, delivery specifics, etc. of your order.

  • A unique bar code enables you to track back all the information related to your order.

  • Visual access to real-time workshop floor monitor recordings via our ERP system.