Quality Control Is Always East Lux's First Priority

Rigorous quality control is the cornerstone of East Lux's manufacturing.Customers come withuncompromising quality in our panels. To meet this expectation of high quality, we employed production quality system from Germany serveral years ago to meet the requirements. The most advanced equipment and professional trained employees are another asset. We are proud of our product quality and their reliable performance even in the most extreme conditions.

Quality Management System For Production Consistency

East Lux has received certifications for Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), Environment ManagementSystem (ISO 14001:2015)

Beyond ISO9001, East Lux also introduced production quality system from Germany to cope with the extreme standards.

  • Material control

    Stringent Supplier Management

    Automatic Material Filtration and Sorting

    Spot Check Every Feedstock Batch

    Proper Storage at Fixed Temperature and Humidity

    SQE Supplier Quality Engineering

    IQA Incoming-mate rial Quality Assurance

  • Production control

    300+ Quality Check Points

    3 * EL Tests

    In-process Quality Control

    A+A+A+ Rated H.A.LM. Sun Simulator

Reliable And High Efficient Modules Guarantee Profits

All of our panels have been certified by professional third party testing labs. But that's not enough. We apply strictly standards to make sure they remain functional even under the most extreme conditions.