The Innovative Technology Leadership

With German quality and expertise across the entire solar supply chain, East lux energy develops and applies the innovative technology for high performance solar products.

  • German Quality

  • Over 50 global engineers

  • Up to 22.50 % efficiency

  • Exceptional performance

The Advanced HJT Technology

HJT cells combine the advantages of crystalline silicon and thin film technologies, with excellent light absorption and passivation effects, superior in efficiency, and performance. It is key to increase conversion efficiency and power output to the highest level and presents the new generation of solar technology. The HJT technology impresses with several advantages compared to current cell technologies. Designed with a natural bifacial-symmetrical structure, it comes with 95% bifaciality, more power generation, more durability, and guarantees throughout the lifetime of the panels.

  • Standard solar cell

  • PERC solar cell

Patented Interconnection Technology

The Interconnection Technology is one of the patented tech which is developed by East Lux R&D independently, using 1/3 cut cells and eliminating cell gap to increase panel efficiency considerably. Additionally, by changing the connection method of cells from single unit to one plate to lower working temperature and increase anti hot spot ability for superior reliability.

  • Amount of electrical current, by using cells, the electrical current ( i ) flowing in each busbar is 1/3. Therefore, the amount of internal losses in a half-cut module is 1/9 of a full sized cell module.

  • Eliminate cell gap to increase module efficiency significantly. Comparing with convertional solar panel, Interconnection series module uses more narrow ribbon, to achieve the reutilization of light absorption and increase energy generation.

  • The interconnection panel means that the unit of the panel is upgraded from a series cells to a plate. Through this innovative ideas, it eliminates the gap between cells and realizes the efficient use of the space of the module. At the same time, it optimizes the working temperature and improves anti hot spot ability for higher efficient and extreme reliability.