430watt N-type Bifacial Dual-Glass Solar Module

           Higher module wattage        

test(图1)   ·  182 mm wafer + 108 cell + N-type TOPCon technology

   ·  Optimized commercial & industrial roof tops or power station installations.


            Strong performance

   test(图2)·  N-TOPCon solar modules have higher efficiency in low-light conditions than PERC solar modules, can generate more electricity even when there is not enough sunlight.

   ·  Withstands extreme environmental conditions, maintain efficiency even in hot climates, ensuring consistent energy production as temperatures rise.


            Enhanced reliability

test(图3)  ·  TOPCon solar cells have achieved a maximum efficiency of up to 28% under laboratory conditions, Longer lifespan with minimal power degradation over time.

  ·  With a bifaciality rate of 80%, TOPCon cells capture a significant amount of energy from the rear side of the solar panel, outperforming typical PERC bifacial modules.

Product Specifications


Cell Type(182*91) mm N-TOPCon
Cell Orientation108 (6×18)
Maximum Power(Pmax)410W-430W
Module Efficiency STC(%)21.00% -22.02%
Junction BoxIP68 Rated
Weight23.5 kg

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