Rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV) systems convert the sun's energy into electricity to power your home and sell any excess electricity back into the central grid.

Mars M3 Solar Module

East Lux Energy Mars 3 Series- Built with Tier 1 166mm/M6 solar cells and desiged by German engineering team p to 21% efficiency and available in a range of panels from 370 to 450 watts. Silver, black frame and all black colar for selection. Optimized for residential and large commercial projects.

Mars Line P Type

East Lux Mars 5 and Mars 6 flagship seriers- built with Tier 1 Longi 182mm/M10 210mm/G12 solar cells and German engineering design, delivering up to 22.0% efficiency and available from 405 to 670 watt panels. Optimized multiple sizes and colors ( silver, black frame, all black) for residential, commercial, large scale power plant etc.

Half Cells Modules

Designed to minimize cell-to-module power losses and to maximize installation performance. Thanks to the mature half-cut technology with a relatively simple process, it has been made reality to benefit from low cost of ownership.